Friday, August 15, 2008

Chook Reflections

Chicken Shack

Looking back at time spent at the Chicken Shack with Mr. Steve Jones. A fair amount of interesting experiences at the Shack. Enjoyed working on a design and thinking carefully about the intersection between community, business, site, nature and history. So, there are thoughts about integrated design process, and also thoughts about Wales and the UK. Also having visited CAT and had many interesting conversations with Steve, I have a collection of thoughts about sustainability, as well as permaculture.

Center For Alternative Technology - Rammed Earth Walls

It was nice to spend time just taking it easy and having some fun. Quite relaxed atmosphere at the Chicken Shack. Joined Steve at the Workhouse Festival, which takes place at the workhouse - an interesting community project and local venue. Lots of potential there. Gets me excited thinking about what could happen at such a resource. I can imagine an interesting combination of art, music, local business, maybe artists in residence, community events, etc. A nice project for community to form around.

Also had some nice dinners with various people and enjoyed everyone I met – many interesting people connected to the Chicken Shack, as well as some new friends that were there as volunteers. Nice meals and good talks.

chapel by the sea

Castell y Bere

The garden there was a powerful educational tool – showing principles of permaculture and making clear the importance of bio-diversity, and responsive settlement that works with the idea of natural systems. Excited to spend more time thinking about permaculture and integrating the ideas involved into my career and design approach.

It was great to spend time working on a design and engaging various people in the project to come to a building that would best suit the use and location. Also very nice to tour around Snowdonia and see the stone walls, hedgerows, and various stone buildings that are native to the area.

CS Permaculture Education Center Design

saying goodbye to Steve

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