Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hit the road

06/14/08 – London, England

Made it in to London with no problems – interesting to think about how traveling this time around feels different from my previous European tour. I feel more confident in my ability to handle a wide range of scenarios. Exploring cities and places to stay feels much simpler regarding my own internal barriers. Feeling open to experience and ready to try new things.

Although I’m also feeling slightly internal, just reflecting on my life in Boston and what It’s been like for me during the past 8 years. Lots has happened – and this trip feels in some way like closing a chapter, and starting a new one, or a bridge in a song maybe. Anyway, feels mighty cusp-y.

view from hostel

Stayed at a hostel near St. Pauls cathedral – apparently it used to be housing for the boys choir. Chatted with a fellow from Vancouver (named Frank, like my grandfather) and a fellow from South of England who was here showing his photography as an end of school show. Walked around, had fish and chips, drank a beer in a literally crooked pub called Cheshire Cheese. Looked at some buildings. Enjoyed the intricacy of the streets. A beautiful city for all it’s complexity and compounded clustering of building on top of building – Lots of variety in building style, packed closely together. Also lots of people in suits and ties.

Staying tonight and possibly tomorrow with my new friend Sue. Gonna head out to Monkton Wylde in Dorset (South England) either tomorrow night or Monday morning. After all the various transportation investigation, seems busses are the cheapest around England. Although I’m gonna keep my eyes peeled for a nicely priced motorcycle.

inside tate

new housing

spike collective

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